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Published: February 2021

Meet Toto Pet Insurance

Toto Pet Insurance is a new breed in the world of pet health insurance for dogs and cats. Smart plans, affordable prices and lots of heart set Toto apart from the pack.

With Toto, you won’t find the “gotchas” or pricey add-ons that drive up the cost of protecting your furry family members. When comparing some of the best pet insurance plans available, Toto is worth a closer look.

Toto Company Overview

Launched in 2020, Toto may be a new name in pet insurance but the team behind Toto knows its way around the industry. A genuine love for pets and three decades of insurance experience are at the heart of Toto. They took a fresh, transparent approach to creating smart plans, loaded with benefits, for one complete price.

Toto Pet Insurance is offered by The Connected Pet Company LLC, a pet care company founded to help more pets live longer, healthier lives. This company is on a mission to change the face of the pet insurance industry.

In conjunction with their insurance carrier partner, the Toto team analyzed hundreds of thousands of claims and policies to determine the features and benefits that equate to smart plans—in other words, good coverage at a great value for the average pet owner. The result of their analysis is the creation of what they believe to be some of the best pet insurance plans available today.

Toto Plans and Coverage

One of the things that makes Toto different is their simplified approach to the plans they offer and the extra benefits that are automatically included for one complete price. In contrast, some of the more well-known players in the pet insurance industry appear to be focused on plans with unlimited annual benefits (which drive up cost), or complex reimbursement schedules, costly add-ons and upsell options, and high monthly premiums.

Toto plans provide broad, benefit-rich coverage for accidents and illnesses with smart annual limits and no lifetime cap on benefit limits. In addition, the plans include coverage for exam fees, alternative therapies, hereditary conditions and final respects—items that other pet insurance providers often charge extra for or exclude from coverage. (Coverage for hereditary conditions and final respects not available for all pets; see Toto Coverage Details section below for exclusions.)

Choose from three straightforward plans with three customization options for the deductible and reimbursement percentage of each plan. Choose the coverage that’s most appropriate for your dog or cat, while not paying for more coverage than you need. Premiums vary based on breed, age of pet, zip code, and the customization options selected. Toto plans are available for all breeds of dogs and cats that reside in most U.S. states and pet owners can use any licensed veterinarian of their choice.


Coverage and Plan Highlights

coverage for

Dogs / Cats

Plan Types

Accident / Illness


Optional Wellness Benefits

Toto Plan Customization Options

Toto Pet Insurance plans cover accidents and illnesses, and each plan is differentiated by the annual benefit limit. This limit is the maximum amount the plan will pay toward covered expenses per policy year:

Most Affordable

$2,500 Annual Benefits

Most Popular

$7,500 Annual Benefits

Most Coverage

$15,000 Annual Benefits

Toto plans can be customized with your choice of a $100, $250 or $500 annual deductible. The deductible represents the amount you pay toward the cost of covered expenses per policy year.

Each plan can be further customized with your choice of a 70%, 80% or 90% reimbursement percentage. This percentage is the amount you will be reimbursed for covered expenses after the annual deductible has been met.

It’s important to note that these plans are only available for pets under the age of nine. For pets nine or older at the time of enrollment or with a qualifying medical condition, Toto offers an accident-only plan. While illnesses are not covered under this plan, it provides peace of mind in the event of an accident. Toto’s accident-only plan has a $100 annual deductible, a 90% reimbursement percentage, and a $15,000 annual benefit limit.


Plan Customization Highlights

Annual Limits




Annual Deductibles




Reimbursement Level




Toto Coverage Details

Toto plans offer what they call nose-to-tail coverage for a broad range of accidents and illnesses, ranging from the most common to the most costly. With Toto, your pet is covered for conditions such as allergies and digestive issues, as well as for expensive and/or advanced treatments including cancer care, MRIs, hospitalization and surgery. Plus, Toto goes one step further by including coverage for exam fees, alternative therapies (like acupuncture or chiropractic), hereditary conditions, and final respects—items not standard in many other plans or that other companies may charge extra for or exclude. This is another example of how Toto is setting themselves apart as a forward-thinking, compassionate partner in caring for your pet.

Coverage Highlights

Accidents and Illnesses*


Exam Fees

Chronic Conditions

Diagnostic Testing

Alternative Care

Emergency Care

Prescription Medications

Hereditary Conditions**


Lab Fees

Final Respects**


*Coverage restricted to Toto’s accident-only plan for pets ages nine and older at time of enrollment or with a qualifying condition at time of enrollment. **Hereditary and congenital condition coverage only available for pets under age nine at time of enrollment; coverage for final respects only available for pets under age five at time of enrollment

Toto Sample Plan Pricing

Similar to most plans on the market, the monthly premium for your Toto Pet Insurance plan varies based on the breed and age of the pet, your geographical area (where you live), and which plan you select based on the annual benefit limit you choose. From there, the premium is determined by how you customize the annual deductible and reimbursement percentage to best fit your budget.

Using the lowest and highest Toto plan pricing options for annual limit, deductible and reimbursement percentage, here are sample monthly premium ranges. Sample premiums are based on a mixed breed dog or cat in an average metropolitan area:


Age 1

$23.84 - $62.56

Age 5

$32.41 - $89.86

Age 7

$48.23 - $133.74


Age 1

$16.63 – $42.57

Age 5

$17.34 – $48.10

Age 7

$22.78 – $63.16

Toto Enrollment and Waiting Period

As mentioned previously, Toto accident and illness plans are available for all breeds of dogs and cats that reside in most U.S. states. At the time of enrollment, dogs must be at least eight weeks of age and older (but less than nine years) and cats must be at least 10 weeks of age and older (but less than nine years). For pets nine and older at the time of enrollment or with a qualifying medical condition, Toto offers an accident-only plan.

There is no maximum age limit for the accident-only plan. Toto stands out by offering some of the shortest waiting periods in the industry. Following enrollment, there is a two-day waiting period for accidents, a 14-day waiting period for illnesses, and a 30-day waiting period for inherited or congenital conditions, alternative therapies and behavioral problems. Additional waiting periods may apply for other specified illnesses and injuries; visit for more details.


Enrollment and Waiting Period Highlights

Minimum Enrollment Age

8 Weeks for Dogs

10 Weeks for Cats

Maximum Enrollment Age 


Accident Waiting Period 

2 Days

Illness Waiting Period 

14 Days


Toto Coverage Exclusions

When choosing a pet insurance provider, the coverage can vary significantly from one provider to another, so it’s worth considering what’s covered and what’s not when choosing a plan. While Toto offers great coverage for one complete price, there are some coverage exclusions—as there are with all brands of pet insurance—and based on our research, no pet insurance plan on the market today covers pre-existing conditions. The following items are not covered in your Toto plan:


Exclusions Highlights

Anal Gland Expression



Nail Trims

Elective Procedures


Experimental Treatments

Pre-existing Conditions*


*Pre-existing conditions are injuries or illnesses that occurred or existed before the Toto policy effective date and/or during specified waiting periods.

Toto Optional Wellness Benefit

Regular vet checkups are an important part of keeping your pet healthy throughout the year. For an additional monthly charge, a wellness benefit can be added to any Toto plan. If you are a pet parent committed to providing your pet with routine and preventive services, the optional wellness benefit may be a good fit for you. Reimbursement is not subject to your plan’s deductible or reimbursement percentage.

Wellness Prime $29/month

Reimbursement for routine and preventive care expenses, including dental cleanings and the cost to have your pet spayed or neutered.

Wellness Basic $17/month

Reimbursement for routine and preventive care expenses.

Optional Wellness Highlights



Wellness Item

Annual Limit

Annual Limit

Spay/Neuter - Teeth Cleaning






Flea/Tick Prevention



Heartworm Prevention






Wellness Exam



Heartworm Test or FELV Screen



Blood, Fecal, Parasite Exam






Urinalysis or ERD






Total Annual Benefit



Toto Claims and Customer Service

Toto makes it easy and convenient for pet owners to access their plan benefits and receive reimbursement for claims. They offer a 24/7 Toto Customer Portal to view your policy, submit a claim, track claim status and more. A mobile option is also available to upload a claim or check claim status from your phone. For reimbursement of covered services, visit any licensed vet, submit a claim (electronically, by mobile phone, mail or fax), and receive your reimbursement by ACH or check. Claims are processed quickly, often within 3-4 business days. Customer support is always available with a click, call or email.

Contact Toto Pet Insurance



Customer Service Email

Claims Fax


Claims Administrator Address

Toto Pet Insurance

PO Box 37489 - Raleigh, NC 27627-7489

Toto Underwriting and Administration

Toto Pet Insurance policies are issued and underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company, a Delaware insurance company rated A- (Excellent) by AM Best (2020). Plans are administered by PetPartners, Inc., Raleigh, North Carolina. Plans and coverage vary by state. Eligibility requirements and exclusions and limitations apply. Refer to for details.

Additional Perks

  • Besides the plan benefits, Toto has noteworthy perks including the Toto Cares charitable give-back program, a 5% multi-pet discount, the 24/7 Toto Customer Portal, and a 30-day guarantee.

  • Toto’s generous charitable program, Toto Cares, demonstrates their commitment to the welfare of pets. Each year, Toto Cares will make contributions to designated charity partners based on policies issued that year. After enrolling your pet in a Toto Pet Insurance plan, choose from the list of charity partners and Toto will make an annual donation on your behalf. This is a great example of Toto’s mission to provide pet insurance with a heart.

  • If you have two or more pets, Toto provides a 5% multi-pet discount for each pet you insure. When using the Get A Quote tool on, we noted that a quote can only be generated for two pets at a time, although there is no limit on the number of pets you can insure with Toto.

  • The 24/7 Toto Customer Portal is a user-friendly online tool that will help you manage your account and receive fast, efficient reimbursement for claims. You can also upload a claim or check claim status from your mobile phone.

  • The Toto team wants you to be satisfied with your decision to purchase a Toto Pet Insurance plan. Toto will refund 100% of your premium in the first 30 days of coverage if you change your mind or are unsatisfied with your new policy as long as no claims have been submitted. The money-back guarantee may not be available in all states.


Additional Perks Highlights

Toto Cares

5% Multi-Pet Discount

24/7 Customer Portal

Free Look Period

Final Thoughts

Pet insurance has been around for decades, but many insurance companies have been slow to improve plans to meet the needs of today’s pet owners. Toto puts a fresh face on pet health insurance by offering smart plans, great coverage and a lot of heart in their quest to become a top dog in the industry. Visit to get a quote and learn more.

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