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The Real Cost of Pet Healthcare

Health care expenses for pets can really add up. Use our Breed Cost Calculator to better understand the potential lifetime cost based on the risk level and average lifespan of your breed.

5 Common Medical Expenses For Your Pet

Learn more about some serious and common pet medical conditions, their potential cost and how pet insurance can help.

For illustrative purposes only. Information provided shows potential vet cost based on pet insurance claims data gathered from multiple insurance plans over a three-year period. Cost may vary greatly based on pet age, breed, geographical area and other factors. Amount shown for “pet insurance could pay” assumes annual deductible has been met and that plan offers a 90% reimbursement option, which is available from most pet insurance providers.

About Our Pet Cost Calculator

Our pet insurance cost calculator can be used to give you a better idea of what insurance you may need for your pet. Simply click on the type of pet you own (dog/cat), select the breed and click “Calculate Cost.” You’ll be able to see the average life span of your breed, its overall risk and the total lifetime cost of health care. The latter may depend on several factors, including the breed’s environment, disposition for health conditions, diet, activity level and more. Understanding the average lifetime cost for your dog or cat can help you be more informed when choosing insurance coverage.

Pet insurance companies offer various plans and coverage options from which to choose. If you own a pet with a higher average lifetime cost, you may want to invest in a more comprehensive plan to help cover some of those expenses. You can click on the “Protect My Pet Now” button in our calculator once you’ve received your results to compare insurance quotes from various companies. Rest assured Shop Pet Insurance can help you find the best plan and coverage options for your furry friend.