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Shopping for pet insurance can be confusing and time consuming. There are multiple providers, unfamiliar terms, and varying policy provisions, inclusions and exclusions that make it difficult to accurately compare policies. That’s why we created

If you’re wondering how pet insurance works, we explore top providers, share expert opinions, personalize the options and outline benefits in a side-by-side comparison that’s easy to understand. Let Shop Pet Insurance be your guide!

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As insurance experts and pet lovers, we’ve assembled some of the industry’s top national providers of pet insurance for dogs and cats of all ages. We think these providers offer great pricing and value on some of the best plans available in the marketplace.




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We’ve done the research for you. Our expert panel of veterinary care and insurance professionals—all pet parents themselves—spent hundreds of hours researching and evaluating plan options and coverage details, reviewing credible third-party sources, and vetting some of the top brands in the industry to help you select the best pet insurance provider for your pet.

We use this approach to ensure any recommendations we make are 100% authentic and come from pet owners and qualified experts of multiple disciplines. Click here to meet our expert panel.

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